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Super Cinema Trailer Special 2016

Fresh off the heels of San Diego Comic-Con, Ben Hamlin and Donald Orr sit down to discuss the new wave of DC movies, Wonder Woman and Justice League, and the teasers for Marvel's TV lineup: Legion, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders. Both hosts are intrigued by Legion, Donald's looking forward to Justice League and Ben's a little a sour on Iron Fist.

We talk legacy characters, Doctor Doom, use of color in films and editing to the beat in this super Super Cinema Trailer Special. Tune in!

Check out the brand new Infinity Break show The Loud Librarian, a weekly show where Josh Valentine talks about important literary topics and theory.

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EP 09: Ant-Man!

Gifted with special podcasting particles that allow them to shrink down onto the film reel, Donald Orr and Ben Hamlin dig deep into the new Ant Man movie with special guest Aidan Clarke. We absolutely loved it (Donald saw it five times in theaters) so it great for some in depth analysis and some hilarious ANTics! We also delve into the X-universe with our breakdowns and predictions of the new X-Men Apocalypse and Deadpool trailers!

Ben's recommendations: All New X-Men (2012) by Bendis.

Donald's recommendations: Ant-Man (2015) by Nick Spence

This week's question: Which DC super villain do you want to see on screen that hasn't appeared yet?

You can reach our hosts on twitter @benchamlin and @notdonald. And tune into @infnitybreak23

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Trailer Talk: Supergirl

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap buildings in a couple tries, this is our first look at Supergirl. Ben and Donald are both excited to see a return to brighter comic book stories, but Donald is skeptical of the genre. Get our first opinions on the first look of Supergirl! Y'know.. she's that guy's cousin.

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Trailer Talk: Batman vs. Superman

Donald and Ben go head to head, like their Superman and Batman counterparts do in the first trailer for Dawn of Justice. We discuss some broad strokes and individual shots that we're excited and worried about and it turns out we actually agree on most of it. But conflict sells, so it's a fight.

There are so many trailers coming out that we're not calling these bonus episodes anymore. Trailer Talk is here to stay!

Here's what Ben and Donald want Man of Steel to look like.

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Bonus 3: Fantastic Four Trailer Talk

Ben and Donald get into what they expect from the upcoming Fantastic Four based on the latest trailer. They talk cast, Doctor Doom's origins, and Galactus' miniskirt. All the things you've come to expect from Super Cinema. We already know what we're watching next week, Avengers and soon to follow Avengers: Age of Ultron, but after that, we have no idea what we're watching! Tweet us @infinitybreak23 to pick for us.

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