Ep44: Venom


Sorry folks! Nikki and Ben had to take a break to sort out some life stuff and work on some other projects. But Super Cinema is back! Kind of! We’ve gotten a bit overwhelmed by the raw amount of comic books movies and media circulating around these days, so we’re only going to do Super Cinema occasionally for movies we really, truly enjoyed!

But fear not, dear listener! There’s more Nikki and Ben content incoming! We passed our first funding goal over at our patreon and that means once a month Nikki and Ben (and some guests) will sit down to talk about comic books in a monthly Super Comics special! We’re planning the first one out now! AND Ben and Nikki are pivoting over to a true passion of theirs: tabletop. Nikki’s launching her own live-play Dungeons and Dragons campaign on our Twitch with Ben, Andrew and Johnny of Speak of the Devil and Matty of Sneople At The Movies.

And now, without further to do, a spectacular episode full of maximum carnage: It’s time to talk about Venom, the Sinister Six, vampires and so, so much more.

Posted on February 4, 2019 and filed under Marvel.