The Comic Invasion - February 2019

Invasion Locked.png

Thanks to the generous and genuine support of our patrons we’re able to start our monthly comic book specials! Nikki and Ben love comic book movies but they love comic books that much more, so tune in and listen to them talk about their favorite titles once a month.

In this inaugural special, Nikki talks about Scorpio by John B. Robinson IV and Saladin Ahmed’s new Miles Morales Spider-Man book, and Ben talks about Christopher Sebela and Ro Stein’s Crowded and the new Jeff Lemire Moon Knight series!

Plus hear a special announcement about Nikki’s new tabletop streaming show - Legends of Laia. Join us back in one month for more exciting comic book reviews that will absolutely include Venom discussions. Surprise.

Posted on February 24, 2019 and filed under Marvel.