BONUS: Infinity War Theorizing

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In light of Patreon's new fee changes, we're making this exclusive bonus content now available to the general public. We're pulling back the curtain on what we think is going to happen in Infinity War. Which of our favorite characters will survive, what's going to happen to Vision and how will Thanos come to his grim end. Tune in, but beware. Potential spoilers are ahead.

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EP39: Justice League: Gods and Monsters


In nearly forty episodes of Super Cinema, Ben Hamlin and NIkki Boylan are sitting down to review their first animated feature. For the inaugural animated episode, we're covering the Bruce Timm style illustrated Justice Leagues Gods and Monsters. What if Superman was a jerk? What if Batman was a literal vampire? What if Diana was more awesome than before? New Gods, Metal Men, The Atom, Alternate Universes and Darkseid. We cover all this AND the new Infinity War trailer in this Super Cinema.

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EP38: Thor Ragnarok!


Nikki and Ben are back to talk about the film they've spent all year hyperventilating about. It's time to talk about Thor Ragnarok. From Jeff Goldblum's bizarre interpretation of the Grandmaster to Our Favorite Actress as a creepy cheshire cat Goddess of Death, we pick apart every performance and what we loved about the doom of the gods. Stay tuned for further discussion about Asgardian immortality, Marvel's weird tonal dissonance problems and the wonders of Taika Watiti.

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EP37: Watchmen (w/ Katie Hughes)


In one hour's time, you have finished this episode of Super Cinema. In an hour and ten minutes, you are making sure to subscribe and tell your friends. Before the day is over, you will have survived nuclear war. The picture is falling to the ground now. None of this can be said to have even existed.

Coming out of their Rose City Comic Con stupor, Nikki Boylan (still dressed as Wonder Woman), Ben Hamlin (without his cyclops glasses) and Katie Hughes (dressed as a store brand Pussycat), talk about Zack Snyder's Watchmen. Is the film adaption too faithful to the original? Is it too indulgent in its own violence? Yes. But hear us talk at length about the factors that hold Watchmen back.

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EP36: Spider-Man Homecoming


SPEAKING OF HOMECOMING, Nikki is back from camp for more Super Cinemas! Now that she's back in the co-host seat, Nikki Boylan and Ben Hamlin sit down to talk about her favorite webhead, The Spider-Man. We dig into writing millennials, enhancing well worn teenage tropes with superheroism and the great responsibility that comes with great power. We also talk Infinity Gauntlet comics, Thor: Ragnarok and fourteen minutes of Sinister Six talk waiting for you on our Patreon.

Now that Nikki's back, you can expect her show, Reading Into It to return to our YouTube Channel.
Ben Hamlin and Nikki Boylan were both at Rose City Comic Con and will be doing a live special on YouTube tomorrow the day of this episode.

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