Week Two: Speak of the Devil LIVE

No Good of Themselves Shall A Listener Hear
Speak of the Devil and She Shall Appear

Hell horses, a mad scientist and an underground resistance

The adventure continues on our Dungeons and Dragons stream and podcast: Speak of the Devil, originally aired Sunday, September 30rd, 2018. Doctor Radford, Verml and Derreth Fenjor meet up with Tordek Frostbeard on the road to calamity.

Speak of the Devil is LIVE on twitch every Sunday at 11AM PST at twitch.tv/infinitybreakgaming
Dungeon Master Johnny Rinaldo
Players Ben Hamlin, Terra Bosart and Andrew Eakle. Logo by Stacy LeFevre and Show Art by Terra Bosart. Edited by Johnny Rinaldo and Produced by Ben Hamlin. Music by Johnny Rinaldo.

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Posted on October 4, 2018 and filed under Game Session.