Week 13: Two Murderboys and a Murderbear

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What's a fantasy Scotsman to do when he's a wee bit short on coinage and he can't afford some fancy new threads? Why, botch a raid on a bugbear camp of course! All this and more in this week's Speak of the Devil!

Speak of the Devil is a live play DnD campaign featuring devils and complex social commentary in form of tabletop, roleplaying and attack modifiers. Dungeon Master Johnny Rinaldo has a remarkable tale of morality and intrigue featuring four characters whose lives are thrown upside-down by beings from another plane of reality.

Speak of the Devil is LIVE on twitch every Sunday at 11AM PST at twitch.tv/infinitybreakgaming

Dungeon Master Johnny Rinaldo,
Players Ben Hamlin, Terra Bosart, Christina Grey and Andrew Eakle.
Logo by Stacy LeFevre and Show Art by Terra Bosart.
Edited by Johnny Rinaldo and Produced by Ben Hamlin.
Music by Johnny Rinaldo.
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Posted on March 17, 2019 and filed under Game Session.