You The Hell Is Bucky


May is the Month of MCU here at Sneople at the Movies and Matty and Ezra are taking a wandering trip down memory lane to cover the highs and lows and just sort of weirds of the last 22 movies.

What's the worst MCU movie? Which one is the best and why is it Captain America 2: The Winter Solider? How did Tom Hiddleston come to be Loki?

Is it fair that the Sneople talked decent amount about the Fantastic 4 movies even though they're not technically in the MCU? Where will the MCU go from here? Who the hell is Bucky??? All these questions and more answered! 
Warning: This episode contains spoilers for Avengers Endgame! We do give a warning about 22 minutes into the episode and leave a brief pause before continuing but if you are still avoiding spoilers, listen with caution.

There's No Laws Here

It's been a long, hard road to Avengers Endgame, but your Sneople have made it to the finish line and have the usual Hard Takes and tears to be expected with any MCU movie.


They cover their MCU journeys, bond over their shared love of Peter Parker, and just in general do a full run down of The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty (read: things they felt complicated about) of Endgame. Also, Steve Rogers, they're free on Thursday so if you're out there you should give them a call this Thursday when they're free. 

Spoiler Warning: This episode contains full spoilers for Avengers Endgame -- if you have not seen it yet and do not want to hear any spoilers, this is not the episode for you. If you have seen it or do not care about spoilers, come on in! The water's fine.

Next episode will be more of a general MCU talk and rehash, so there will be more content for those who haven't had a chance to see Endgame yet soon!

Blair Witch Kenobi


May the Fourth is approaching, and this week's Sneople at the Movies has you covered for all the Star Wars talk you could need -- especially if you love Wedge Antilles. Or Obi-wan Kenobi. Or Kit Fisto.

Your Jedi Snouncil makes the call on the best Star Wars movie, explains why Star Wars vs Star Trek is a useless argument, and has a moment of silence for how good Jimmy Smits looks as Bail Organa. They also just like, really want a Kenobi movie. Help us, Ewan McGregor, you're our only hope. We'll Kickstart it.

There's no Unusual Double Features this week, as Star Wars is kind of its own Unusual Double Feature, but they do have some solid old EU recs if you'e missing it as much as they are.

Posted on April 25, 2019 .

Slither Among the Stars


This week on Sneople at the Movies, we have a special two in one on Star Trek! 

First off, Ezra and Matty discuss the reboot movies -- why they came at a good time, the impact they had on internet fandom, and the impact they had on these two Sneople in particular in their early friendship! They also discuss early Star Trek fandom, because how could you not?

Next, Ezra and Helena take on the Star Trek movies from the very first one all the way through First Contact. They talk about why Into Darkness lacked the emotional impact that Wrath of Khan had in spades, The Retcon of The Borg in Enterprise, and at least one fanvid featuring Kirk and Spock. Once again, it was going to be hard to avoid.

What's your favorite Star Trek movie? Are you also sad that there were actually only two Star Trek reboot movies because Into Darkness never happened? Any good fic recs? You can always find your Sneople @people_snake on twitter or sneopleathemovies at

Posted on April 11, 2019 .

Home is Where the Holmes Is

This week on Sneople, your snouncil takes a side step from male intimacy right into the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies. Are they really as bad as the critics claim? Ezra, Helena, and Matty explain that no, actually, they kind of rule.

They go into why Robert Downey Jrs Holmes is closer to canon then you think, wax poetic over The Objective Hotness of John Watson, and get fond for the Holmes and Watson relationship for the umpteenth time in two episodes. What's your favorite Sherlock Holmes adaption? If it isn't the Great Mouse Detective, why not?

Spoiler warning : if you've not seen these movies and always secretly kind of wanted to, we do recommend doing so before listening to this episode. If you haven't and don't mind spoilers, they give an overview of the plot so you don't feel lost.

Posted on March 28, 2019 .