Never Had Some Friends Like These

Original Logo by Bethany Leuthold

Original Logo by Bethany Leuthold

Meet the Sneople. Helena Fisher-Welsh, Ezra Kaye and Matty Trumbo-Gomes. They’re just a couple of ordinary queer nerds ready to talk to you about cinema in Infinity Break’s latest podcast: Sneople At The Movies! In their debut episode, the three of them tackle recent issues related to animated movies.

First, Sony’s lastest Spider-Flick, Into the Spider-Verse - the colorful and uniquely animated masterpiece that the Sneople hold up as the best animation can be. Hear them praise the way it took risks to deliver a fully you unique final product. What’s on the other end of the spectrum? Our trio propose the bland Disney Renaissance remakes that try to capitalize off of our collective 90s nostalgia without putting in the work.

What do you think? Do you have a movie that best highlights what animation can do?

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Posted on February 14, 2019 .