Slither Among the Stars


This week on Sneople at the Movies, we have a special two in one on Star Trek! 

First off, Ezra and Matty discuss the reboot movies -- why they came at a good time, the impact they had on internet fandom, and the impact they had on these two Sneople in particular in their early friendship! They also discuss early Star Trek fandom, because how could you not?

Next, Ezra and Helena take on the Star Trek movies from the very first one all the way through First Contact. They talk about why Into Darkness lacked the emotional impact that Wrath of Khan had in spades, The Retcon of The Borg in Enterprise, and at least one fanvid featuring Kirk and Spock. Once again, it was going to be hard to avoid.

What's your favorite Star Trek movie? Are you also sad that there were actually only two Star Trek reboot movies because Into Darkness never happened? Any good fic recs? You can always find your Sneople @people_snake on twitter or sneopleathemovies at

Posted on April 11, 2019 .