The Oscar Hangover


IT’S REAL AND IT’S FUN, BUT I CAN’T SAY IT’S REAL FUN. It’s awards seasons time, and your Sneople are tackling the biggest awards night of all: The Oscars! In this first of a two part series on the Oscars, Matty, Helena, and Ezra get into their predictions for the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

They discuss their history with the long-standing show, bemoan the decline of glitz and ceremony, and ponder what a host-less show will shape up to be. They also run through the list of nominees to discuss who they want to win and who they think will win -- Ethan Hawke wasn’t nominated for anything, so they have to make do with the choices the Academy has provided. It’s the Oscars Pre-show from the Past, but don’t worry -- part two, discussing the actual events of the Oscars is coming this weekend in a special double-hitter from the kids who only want justice for Paddington 2.

Posted on February 28, 2019 .