Animated Movies Pt 2


This week, the Sneople are getting back to their roots with the return of the animated movies discussion that kicked off the show!

First of all, they cover the news from SDCC -- mostly Cats related (plot, why Cats is secretly like A Chorus Line, what's up with the noses, etc.).They also delve into The Lion King remake and what has really been bothering them about it and the future of animation. Don't worry about it being too negative though -- they also talk about the animated movies that have meant a lot to them and why they're great and Matty finally gets to talk about anime, including some recs for movies that are off the Disney path.

Note: You do not have to listen to the first episode to listen to this continued discussion! They are entirely separate conversations. Also, they are sorry that they talked about Cats for so long but there was just so much and it's just so much.

Posted on August 1, 2019 .