Most Ardently


Tighten your stays and straighten your cravats, beloved listeners, because this week on Sneople at the Movies it's all about the costume dramas!

The gang waxes poetic about pacing and attention to detail, claims romantic pining for the gays, and takes a couple of dubious dives down the rabbit hole of historical dress -- they also dissect who you're supposed to identify with in Upstairs Downstairs style dramas (Spoiler alert: it's not the people doing the ironing at midnight.)

They think about the hand flex from Pride and Prejudice (2005) a lot. You're also now thinking about the hand flex. We are all constantly thinking about the hand flex. You are welcome.

Posted on October 10, 2019 .

You've Got to Go and Dig Those Holes


We have a very special episode this week, beloved listeners! Your Sneople have their first ever guest on the show to discuss Young Adult adaptations!

Leah, constantly mentioned friend of the show, take the Sneople by their collective hand and leads the discussion from where YA originated to how loyal we should be to source material to the dystopian boom and more! Ezra also reveals the time they rightfully heckled a popular YA fantasy author as a preteen and it rules.

This episode is also, by the nature of the genre, pretty heavy on general book talk and book history! Just in case you forgot that the Sneople are pretty big nerds about things that aren't movies too.


Nobody actually talks about Halloween in this episode; sorry about misleading you.

Nobody actually talks about Halloween in this episode; sorry about misleading you.

Fall is slowly approaching, beloved listeners, and you know what that means: Halloween! This week, Helena and Matty go on an introductory tour of horror in all it's gory glory.

They talk about primary genres vs sub genres, ponder what makes horror so appealing, and lament the lack of werewolf movies in the genre. Helena also kills her co-host with a joke, but much like Michael Meyers and Jason Voorhees, Matty magically comes back from the dead so it's okay.

They also probably got some things wrong because somehow neither of them have seen Halloween yet, they're SORRY, they're doing their best out here. Both of them were too busy being terrified of Chucky to get around to seeing it yet.

Posted on September 12, 2019 .

The Friendship We Stole Along the Way

It's time for some over-the-top and dubious sounding planning here on Sneople at the Movies, where this week they take on heist films!


They go through some of their faves of the genre, try and sort out why heists tend to have a homoerotic edge to them, and argue about if Shrek counts as a heist movie or not. (Matty still says that it does, thank you!) They also figure out the differences between a heist movie, a con movie, and a treasure hunting movie, and what makes them all so good.

They do talk about Ocean's 8 and Ocean's 11, don't worry. They are a queer movie podcast, after all.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Spielberg Sandwich


This week on Sneople at the Movies, the Sneople take on a big part of any movie: Directors!

They absolutely dunk on Auteur Theory as the only form of movie critique, talk about their hits and misses of directors, and just regret the amount of their childhoods that was shaped by Tim Burton. Danny Elfman, we see you and we love you.


They also have an announcement about a new challenge they are undertaking in the name of the show! Rules and explanation are gone over and they'll be giving updates on it as it progresses both in the show and on their social media, which you can find @people_snake on twitter! If you listen and decide to join in, please tweet at them or send an email to!

Posted on August 15, 2019 .