Spielberg Sandwich


This week on Sneople at the Movies, the Sneople take on a big part of any movie: Directors!

They absolutely dunk on Auteur Theory as the only form of movie critique, talk about their hits and misses of directors, and just regret the amount of their childhoods that was shaped by Tim Burton. Danny Elfman, we see you and we love you.


They also have an announcement about a new challenge they are undertaking in the name of the show! Rules and explanation are gone over and they'll be giving updates on it as it progresses both in the show and on their social media, which you can find @people_snake on twitter! If you listen and decide to join in, please tweet at them or send an email to sneopleatthemovies@gmail.com!

Posted on August 15, 2019 .

Animated Movies Pt 2


This week, the Sneople are getting back to their roots with the return of the animated movies discussion that kicked off the show!

First of all, they cover the news from SDCC -- mostly Cats related (plot, why Cats is secretly like A Chorus Line, what's up with the noses, etc.).They also delve into The Lion King remake and what has really been bothering them about it and the future of animation. Don't worry about it being too negative though -- they also talk about the animated movies that have meant a lot to them and why they're great and Matty finally gets to talk about anime, including some recs for movies that are off the Disney path.

Note: You do not have to listen to the first episode to listen to this continued discussion! They are entirely separate conversations. Also, they are sorry that they talked about Cats for so long but there was just so much and it's just so much.

Posted on August 1, 2019 .

Yee, and Dare I Say It, Haw


Saddle up, Sneople! It's time for westerns here at Sneople at the Movies, and we've got a lot of genre to deconstruct.

They cover a variety of westerns from television to books to (of course) film as well as from comedies to classics to dramas. They also cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the genre: the things that make us yearn as well as all the harm western expansion (and glorifying it) has done. They also say a lot of mean things about John Wayne.

Finally, they crack the code and figure out why Mad Max: Fury Road and Logan are westerns. Just trust them, they know what they're talking about.

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Bonus Content From All Our Episodes

Posted on July 18, 2019 .

Tree Pace


The string of Sneople Origin Movies continues in this week's episode, covering Tarsem's 2006 cult classic, The Fall! This is also the most cursed episode yet, as it took them three tries to actually make -- It was worth the wait, they promise.

They heap praise upon Lee Pace (both for his acting ability and his height), rage against the unfair reviewers that put The Fall on limited release, and just in general talk a lot about stories and how they heal and hurt us. Matty and Ezra also get really excited about costuming again.

This episode also features a wide variety of Unusual Double Features, ranging from movies like It's a Wonderful Life to Maurice. It's a complex film and they refuse to apologize.

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Posted on July 4, 2019 .

King Baby Heterosexual

Are you a Will Turner or a Legolas?

Are you a Will Turner or a Legolas?

Today on Sneople at the Movies, Matty and Helena go deep diving into everyone's favorite Disneyland ride turned movie franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean.

They talk about "embarrassing" favorite movies, lay out theories about what liking Legolas versus Will Turner says about you, and talk about James Norrington a completely average amount. They also both wrote whole essays about costuming and scripting, respectively, and do get very very excited about them.

They also talk about the worth of art and Brechtian theater, because if anyone could find a way to go from pirate movie to that, it's the Sneople.

Posted on June 20, 2019 .