Game 10: "Apocalypse How?" Part 2

This is how the world ends,

This is how the world ends,

Not with a bang, but with the Infinity Break staff.

The epic conclusion of our 10th game of Roll With It brings together the new Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: War, also known as Abby Erickson, intends to wipe out the undead hordes with holy force. Death, otherwise known as Andrew Davis, may accidentally destroy very critical parts of the galaxy. Famine, a.k.a. Ben Hamlin, plans to enter the fray with the power of food trucks. Pestilence/Conquest, known best as Cam Mullins, plots the downfall of this world with her legions of zombies. Who will win? Only the dice, and our fantastic guest Dungeon Master Grace Johnson, will tell.

"Roll With It" is a not safe for work (NSFW) podcast that includes exaggerated foul language, fantasy violence and sexual situations.

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