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Lesley Yates

Lesley is a massive fan of television as a medium, and this is one of the nerdiest things about them. They have attended the Austin Television Festival for the last four years, and if you get a pint or two in them, they’ll tell you all about how television has been escalating as a cerebral form of media ever since the late nineties (and don’t get them started on shows cancelled ahead of their time). Lesley is newer to the phenomenon of BoJack than Ben, having binged the first four seasons in September 2017. They didn’t really know what they were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that. Ever since, they’ve deeply analyzed the show on their own, and ever since Ben reached out to offer an ear for their internal screaming to become external, a podcast was born.


Ben Hamlin

Ben Hamlin could be considered a media critic if you squinted real hard and blurred your vision a bit. Ben has a Bachelor of the Arts from Oregon State in Digital Communication and is fascinated by the way we tell stories in new digital mediums and what the future of commercial art looks like. He's currently using that degree to podcast. He started watching Bojack Horseman since the beginning and it's because of his love for the show that he jumped at the chance to talk about one of his favorite shows with one of his favorite people. Literally hundred of messages later and OHAM was created - as a joke. Ben serves as the Content Director of Infinity Break - so you know approving the most niche podcast imaginable was directly his fault.

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