S3E5: Love And/Or Marriage


The box office numbers for Secretariat start to roll in - and it looks like Bojack’s dream project is an absolute success. Todd and Bojack go hit the down and, in the process, run into Emily - a old flame and friend of Todd’s from High School. The three of them crash a wedding rehearsal dinner and Bojack sabotages not one, but two relationships as he disrupts a lesbian wedding and any attempt at romantic connection between Todd and Emily.

Meanwhile, in couples therapy, Diane discovers that she can’t communicate her emotions toward Mr. Peanutbutter until she takes a load of drugs, and Princess Caroline attempts to utilize her time off for romance.

Lesley and Ben talk about the visual language of hallucinogenic drug usage, the complexities of Judah, whether or not film festivals really matter and LESLEY’S NEW CAAAAAAT.

Of Horses and Men is a weekly podcast about the Netflix Original comedy series, Bojack Horseman. Each Tuesday, Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin overanalyze the show episode by episode to find meaning in the musings of a very depressed horse.

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Posted on March 20, 2019 and filed under Season Three.