S2E6: Higher Love


Content Warning: This episode depicts accidental deaths that are visually similar to suicide. This is done in a tongue in cheek way but discussion of said jokes may be harmful to some listeners. Proceed with caution.

Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd’s antics at PB Living have landed them in financial ruin. Unable to continue randomly investing into their wildest whims, Mr. Peanutbutter goes out and tries to get a job with nothing but a dream in his heart. Unfortunately, his agent has died in an unfortunate, sexual incident, and so PB ends up working at a shoe store. That’s.. Probably not the worst part of that sentence. Princess Caroline’s talent agency scrambles to pick up the dead agent’s contacts and clients - and Princess Caroline finds herself with one name on her list - elusive hermitted author JD Salinger. Meanwhile, in a very sitcomy plot, Bojack Horseman accidentally tells Wanda he loves her. A sentiment which she does not share.

Of Horses and Men is a weekly podcast about the Netflix Original comedy series, Bojack Horseman. Each Tuesday, Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin overanalyze the show episode by episode to find meaning in the musings of a very depressed horse.

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Posted on September 4, 2018 and filed under Season Two.