S2E12: Out To Sea


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Bojack returns from his misadventures in New Mexico and finds his house in ruins. Diane has been crashing at the Horseman estate for months now and her life isn’t the only one is disarray. Princess Caroline is starting a new agency, but her personal relationship with Rabinowitz is on the fritz. Diane and Peanutbutter still aren’t talking to each other, and Mr. Peanutbutter doesn’t even know his wife is back in the country. Meanwhile Todd is doubling down on his commitment to improv comedy by joining the giggle ship.

All this and it would seem that Lenny Turtletaub finished Bojack’s dream project without him.. and then erased him from it completely.

Of Horses and Men is a weekly podcast about the Netflix Original comedy series, Bojack Horseman. Each Tuesday, Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin overanalyze the show episode by episode to find meaning in the musings of a very depressed horse.

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Posted on November 20, 2018 and filed under Season Two.