S1E4: Zoës and Zeldas

This is a turning point episode of Bojack Horseman and that means we've got an intellectual episode of Of Horses and Men. We talk about ways to introduce the audience to character depth with the way Todd is handled in this episode and Bojack's transition from being an oblivious uncaring person to a willfully destructive jerk toward his friends.

And Ben is a total Zelda about Buzzfeed and the way internet media commodifies nostalgia and how it forces us into boxes. "I don't like being told what my culture is and I also don't like the parts of my culture that I actually participated in being fed back to me insincerely."

It's a thinking man's episode of Of Horses and Men but we always have plenty of time to talk about our favorite gags.

Posted on March 13, 2018 and filed under Season One.