S1E4: Zoës and Zeldas

This is a turning point episode of Bojack Horseman and that means we've got an intellectual episode of Of Horses and Men. We talk about ways to introduce the audience to character depth with the way Todd is handled in this episode and Bojack's transition from being an oblivious uncaring person to a willfully destructive jerk toward his friends.

And Ben is a total Zelda about Buzzfeed and the way internet media commodifies nostalgia and how it forces us into boxes. "I don't like being told what my culture is and I also don't like the parts of my culture that I actually participated in being fed back to me insincerely."

It's a thinking man's episode of Of Horses and Men but we always have plenty of time to talk about our favorite gags.

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S1E3: Prickly Muffin

Lesley and Ben tackle one of the more awkward episodes of Bojack Horseman. We talk about character redemption, cultural nihilism and feminist character design in this complex episode about relationships and responsibility.
Bojack Horseman is reunited with Sarah Lynn, the youngest cast member on his former sitcom. Sarah has grown up twice and become a pop star and now a washed up has been. Sarah has a violent break down in a furniture store, stabbing herself when her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield (yes the Spider-Man) breaks up with her. Bojack attempts to check her into rehab but that doesn’t last. Sarah Lynn guilts her way into Bojack’s heart and house by playing up their past relationship. After a seemingly endless party at Bojack’s, the sitcom star finally breaks and tries to suggest she go to rehab again. Sarah Lynn storms out of the house saying that none of this is truly her fault and she can live responsibility free. Meanwhile, Princess Caroline is trying to be one of the cool kids long enough to get herself a brand new client.

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S1E1: BoJack Horseman: The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One

What if there was a media podcast, but just about one TV show about a depressed horse? In this brand new media analysis podcast, Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin break apart each episode of the Netflix original comedy Bojack Horseman and look for meaning among the musings of a depressed horse.

We're starting with the pilot, obviously, and that means Bojack and Diane's first meeting, Princess Caroline's breakup with Bojack and not enough of Paul F Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter. 

Of Horses and Men will be live every Tuesday on infinitybreak.net or wherever you get your podcasts.

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