S1E11: Downer Ending

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ARRRRRRT EPISODE! Lesley and Ben talk about the drug filled mania that is Episode 11 of Season 1. We get into visual story telling through editing, what if scenarios, the need for interpersonal validation even if it's false, and drugs. Lotsa lotsa drugs. Also, psst, there's some bonus content on our patreon about social media validation.

Bojack finds himself, let’s say, less than pleased with Diane’s portrayal of him in her book. He vows to his publisher that he will have a better book written for him in five days. Here’s the thing though, Bojack is not an author. And neither is Todd or Sarah Lynn, who Bojack recruits to help him pen his great American autobiography.
    This sounds like a good plan right? Well unfortunately: drugs.

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S1E10: One Trick Pony


Does this episode feel familiar? It's a Hollywoo madcap comedy on this week of Of Horses and Men with Lesley and Ben. Bojack is on the set of his new movie, an exact replication of Episode 6 - Our A Story is A D Story - when Bojack stole the D off of the Hollywood sign for Diane. Todd manages to get hired as a production assistant under Quinten Tarantulino and his unchecked ambition turns The Mr. Peanut Butter story into a space opera into an interactive app into a curated box of snacks. Bojack and Todd finally come to a head around Bojack sabotaging the Rock Opera. And Lastly and definitely not leastly in terms of long term continuity, Diane’s Bojack book is done, but after Bojack rejects it’s narrative, a vengeful Diane publishes some damning excerpts  of it on Buzzfeed.

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S1E9: Horse Majeure

We're back to the jokes! Thank God!

Mere moments after the events of episode eight, and by that we mean the kiss, Bojack and Diane have a tense interaction in the car. Bojack decides that he knows what’s in Diane’s best interests and vows to sabotage the wedding with the help of Todd and Princess Caroline. Neither of them really bite into Bojack’s plan - with Todd being very uncomfortable about spying on Mr. Peanutbutter. Princess Caroline finds herself a boyfriend in the form of three kids stacked inside a trench coat, and Todd accidentally becomes best friends with Mr. Peanutbutter after agreeing to become his driver. After several failed attempts to sabotage the wedding, Bojack resigns himself to being happy for his friends.

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S1E8: The Telescope

It's a sad one today folks! Lesley and Ben theorize about Herb and Bojack's last moments together before Herb got fired, pick apart Bojack Horseman's incredible art design and, most importantly, Todd makes friends! YAY TODD!

Our story switches over to Bojack’s side and explains why he suddenly dropped out of the film project Princess Caroline proposed to him at the end of the last episode. Bojack decides to go visit Herb Kazazz after his passive aggressive invitation to come to Malibu. In the car, he relays the story of their friendship, telling Diane about their meeting in the 80s comedy scene and working together on the first couple of years of Horsing Around. A few years into Horsing Around, Herb and Bojack have a tense working relationship, but when Herb is caught in a scandal that threatens the show with cancellation, Bojack agrees to stand by him. When push comes to shove, Bojack is railroaded out of a choice and doesn’t speak up when the time comes.

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S1E7: Say Anything


It’s a Princess Caroline centric episode! FINALLY! Lesley and Ben talk about how streaming formatting changes comedy storytelling and multiple perspective stories, Ben talks about his workaholism and we both have plenty of praise for Princess Caroline.

After Bojack shows up at her house, or maybe it was her office, during a bender, Princess Caroline decides to get her life and his career back together. She turns up at work to find that her agency is descending into chaos and is undergoing a merger. Caroline finds that she’s sharing a workspace with vindictive power player Vanessa Gecko. Meanwhile Bojack tries to rekindle his love affair with Princess Caroline, sabotaging parts of her career in progress. Todd lands an endorsement deal for German Bourbon. And we are introduced to the reptilian wonders that are Charlie Witherspoon and Lenny Turtletaub. Between juggling clients, Bojack’s misplaced affection, and trying to counter Vanessa’s attempts to push her further down the ladder, she completely misses her own birthday.

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S1E6: Our A-Story is a D-Story

We're finally at the episode that Lesley ahs been talking about so much! We talk about world building, transitioning into absurdism and Todd's organized crime problem on this week of Of Horses and Men.

Bojack and Diane return from Boston and get dinner with Mr. Peanutbutter. A bit of a feud starts between the two sitcom starts as they try to one-up each other in front of their shared romantic interest. When Peanutbutter and Diane leave for home, Bojack gets blackout drunk and steals the D off of the giant Hollywood sign.


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Posted on March 27, 2018 .

S1E5: Live Fast; Diane Nguyen


While on a business trip to New York City to talk with the publishers of their book, Diane has to swing by Boston to deal with the death and subsequent funeral of her father. It turns out that Diane’s family is made up of absolutely horrible people who don’t appreciate her in the slightest. Meanwhile, Todd has been left home alone for the week. While Bojack finds himself unable to deal with a friends grief, Todd and Princess Carolina make an illegal fortune off of Bojack’s vacant home by pretending it belongs to actor David Boreanaz

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S1E4: Zoës and Zeldas

This is a turning point episode of Bojack Horseman and that means we've got an intellectual episode of Of Horses and Men. We talk about ways to introduce the audience to character depth with the way Todd is handled in this episode and Bojack's transition from being an oblivious uncaring person to a willfully destructive jerk toward his friends.

And Ben is a total Zelda about Buzzfeed and the way internet media commodifies nostalgia and how it forces us into boxes. "I don't like being told what my culture is and I also don't like the parts of my culture that I actually participated in being fed back to me insincerely."

It's a thinking man's episode of Of Horses and Men but we always have plenty of time to talk about our favorite gags.

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S1E3: Prickly Muffin

Lesley and Ben tackle one of the more awkward episodes of Bojack Horseman. We talk about character redemption, cultural nihilism and feminist character design in this complex episode about relationships and responsibility.
Bojack Horseman is reunited with Sarah Lynn, the youngest cast member on his former sitcom. Sarah has grown up twice and become a pop star and now a washed up has been. Sarah has a violent break down in a furniture store, stabbing herself when her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield (yes the Spider-Man) breaks up with her. Bojack attempts to check her into rehab but that doesn’t last. Sarah Lynn guilts her way into Bojack’s heart and house by playing up their past relationship. After a seemingly endless party at Bojack’s, the sitcom star finally breaks and tries to suggest she go to rehab again. Sarah Lynn storms out of the house saying that none of this is truly her fault and she can live responsibility free. Meanwhile, Princess Caroline is trying to be one of the cool kids long enough to get herself a brand new client.

Posted on March 7, 2018 and filed under Season One.