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Weekly Recap: April 2 - 8, 2017

Welcome back, readers. After a bit of a hiatus from our Weekly Recaps, we're back in action with some new crew members, new shows, and more great entertainment for you all. Ready to find out what we've been up to this past week? ~Tune in~


Arcane, pg. 174

Arcane, pg. 174



First to announce today, happy third anniversary to Arcane, our comic that has come so far! This past week saw two new pages, showing a tumultuous experience for our characters. The magical community has rioted, led by the Satyr.



Lady Helena may be trying to bring peace back to Portlandia, but without fully understanding the scope of the issue and depth of mistrust between the communities she rules over, she won't be able to get very far. Will this help her grow as a leader? Just whose side is she on, exactly?


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Arcane, pg. 175

Arcane, pg. 175

We've had another webcomic in the works for awhile, and last month Nest of Paragon premiered to high praise! Beth Doser, our Arcane artist first conceptualized Paragon while she was in high school. Then it was only plot and rough sketches, but today she's bringing those ideas to life. 

This week, Nest of Paragon released it's third strip. There will be a new page every Wednesday, between Arcane updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beth has put so much of her heart and soul into these comics, bringing them to life for the audience. We are so excited to see just where Paragon will lead!

Nest of Paragon, pg. 3

Nest of Paragon, pg. 3

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Also this week we released a new Book Bites episode of Loud Librarian! Think of Book Bites as smaller, bite-sized episodes of LL, easy to consume, tiny bits of thought-provoking Josh-doms. Book Bites #4 talks about an upcoming episode of LL, where Josh will be talking about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child screenplay, with a few guests. Hear all of Josh's pre-thoughts here.


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A (Brief) History of Star Wars

Infinity Break Presents a brand new podcast set in a galaxy far, far away. Join Jedi archivist Ian Butcher as he traverses through non-chronological time and nonsensical space trying his hardest to explain the weird ins-and-outs of everyone's favorite franchise, Star Wars. From Luke Skywalker and the space whales, to the Clone Wars movie, Ian Butcher and special guests have got it covered. A (Brief) History of Star Wars comes out every other Wednesday from Infinity Break on iTunes and our website. The pilot and first episode launches this Wednesday, August 31st, 2016. May the Force Be With You All.

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Alpha Squad Teaser Trailer

If you've been watching this space since the beginning, you've definitely seen a glimpse or two of our upcoming comedy project, Alpha Squad. Today, we offer you more than a glance. Here's your first look at the Humans vs. Zombies themed madness and your first look at some of the characters in action.

Lock and Load and Fear The Horde. Alpha Squad premieres on September 5th, 2015 on this site and our Youtube channel. Follow Infinity Break at @infinitybreak23 on twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes photos the closer we get to launch date.

The teaser trailer for Alpha Squad, a new comedy web series by Infinity Break based off the Humans vs Zombies game played worldwide. Follow Infinity Break on Facebook and @infinitybreak23 on Twitter for more updates as Alpha Squad develops. Official Release Date: 09.05.15

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Alpha Squad Wraps!

After a brutal eighteen week shoot, we finally wrapped up production on Alpha Squad. It was a massive undertaking and we're glad to be done. Below are some pictures from our final day on the set featuring Sudden Death, Alpha Squad and a horde member in disguise.

"Filming “Alpha Squad” has been a really awesome experience. It’s really been my best opportunity to get out there and hone my cinematography skills further, and the best part was that I got to work with an absolutely phenomenal cast and crew. This is my first real visual project with Ben for Infinity Break, and I’m really excited to move into the post-production phase and continue learning." - Abby Erickson, Director

"Alpha Squad started as half an idea. We were just hanging out when I casually mentioned the idea of doing a web series on HvZ. The idea snowballed from there and by the end of the hour we had a fully outlined show. Alpha Squad was the first project we auditioned for and I'm glad we did because our cast absolutely excelled as these characters. They really elevated the material in ways we didn't foresee. I can't wait to see the final product. I hope it captures the joy we had on set." - Ben Hamlin, Writer