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The Night of the Raven is Upon Us

Hail ye adventurers, we bring thee news most glad. A new tale, once lost to time, emerges from this website. From Ben Hamlin, writer of Arcane, and graphic designer and illustrator Cam Mullins comes a brand new fantasy adventure comic about the vast and ancient world of Rescita.  

When a dark sorceress descends from the north to kidnap a king, the nobles send forth a group of travelers known as the King's Saviors to rescue him from the winter wastes to the north. Journey forth ye travelers, retrieve thine king from the perils of the falling frost and save Edaire before its neighbors seize its unguarded land.

You have bookmark Ravenwatch here. The Night of the Raven begins April 24th!

Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under News.