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Just in time for Oscar season, Infinity Break is proud to present a film podcast for people who love movies. Meet Ezra Kaye, Helena Fisher-Welsh and Matty Trumbo-Gomes, the new hosts of Infinity Break’s upcoming queer film podcast: Sneople At The Movies.

Ezra comes from a theater background and loves sweeping epics with very little dialogue and tiny talk-y movies where nothing much happens. Helena’s a capital-A Actor who has dove head first into theater after college. And Matty’s seen five whole movies and has one third of a film degree.

When asked about their favorite films, all three hosts of the show insisted that the Lord of the Rings trilogy counted as one film and could be in all three of their top threes. We’ve been informed they like other films as well.

The Sneople are just three queer nerds who grew up at the beginning of the digital era of fandom and are here to offer a fresh take on what movies mean to them, what it means to be represented in cinema as a queer person and who should win Best Picture this year.

It wouldn’t be an Infinity Break project without an incredible logo by Bethany Leuthold! And this show features incredible original music from the devil himself, Johnny Rinaldo.

Join the Sneople as they dive into movies they love, movies they respect, and movies they wish we could un-see! Sneople at the Movies launches February 14th, 2019 and will release every other Thursday right here on or wherever you get your podcasts!

Posted on February 5, 2019 and filed under Podcast, News.