New Podcast: "Inquisitive Minds!"

"I am inquisitive by nature, and I try to live my life on the bleeding edge of free will."

Rik Brooks is excited to take you on a journey of the human psyche and soul in his new show "Inquisitive Minds," a podcast designed to explore what makes people tick. Rik plans to explore various topics from the major social issues of today, our history, and everything in between, and he intends to do it all by interviewing people you've always wanted to talk to. From the man on the street to the movers and the shakers, Rik will interview them all.

Kick off with episode zero, where you can meet Rik and get acquainted with his vision for the podcast, and check back every week for a new episode. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and look out for future opportunities to connect with Rik.

Posted on June 29, 2016 .