There's something in the water..


As we hold our Viking funeral for our longest running podcast, Roll With It, we're getting ready to set sail on the open podcasting ocean with a new show: Cursed Seas. Cursed Seas - A Roll With It Anthology will be a campaign length spin off of our improvised game show featuring a consistent cast of players stumbling their way through a grand pirate-y adventure. We promise the same irreverent humor, the same wild twists and turns and the same memorable characters that you've come to expect from Roll With It, now in a long form Pathfinder Campaign. The only difference is that this time: they'll be actual rules to the game.

Cursed Seas will star Ben Hamlin as the returning Game Master, past Roll With It guests Kat Wendt as a Rogue Knife Master and Jacob McCarthy as an Undead Cleric Lord and Arcane and Nest of Paragon artist Bethany Leuthold as a Buff Bar Brawler. We've recorded the first two episodes already and we're guaranteeing bar brawls, gambling, skeleton pirate captains and foggy old dock towns. It's going to be a wild ride from the beginning.

Cursed Seas will launch in mid-July and release every other Friday right here on Infinity Break, iTunes and Google Play.

Patreon backers will have access to all the behind the scenes nonsense that comes with a show like this. Roll With It will re-launch as a streamed show in the future if we reach our second Patreon goal.

Thanks for listening, and we'll see you on the Cursed Seas.

Posted on July 4, 2017 and filed under Podcast.