Week 9: Some Things Are Not Baby


Our heroes, if you can call them that, have been burdened with glorious purpose - to gather ancient treasures and repair the continent. But that’s, like, too much pressure, man. One night of raucous drinking later, and our heroes are ready to venture forth into the temples - provided they are not devoured alive by Manticores first.

Enter the world of Laía, a continent torn in half by a dark abyss filled with monsters. When the darkness begins to spill out of the gash in the earth, our heroes are tasked with maintaining the balance that holds this fractured world together.

Dungeon Master Nikki Boylan
Players Ben Hamlin, Johnny Rinaldo, Andrew Eakle, Matty Trumbo-Gombes
Logo by Andy Wilson and Music by Johnny Rinaldo
Edited by Johnny Rinaldo and Produced by Ben Hamlin.
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