GGC 8: Gaming Keeps Going!

Gaming keeps making advancement after advancement, but how does it stack up against other forms of entertainment?

In today's episode, The Goliath's Gaming Corner crew go over the future of the gaming industry and how the introduction of things such as VR have given gaming a hand up in the entertainment sector. As gaming continues to grow, and adapt to new tech, we take a look at other forms of entertainment such as television and movies and whether they can keep up with the growth of the gaming industry. We're examining price, replay/rewatch ability, speed in which content in produced, and overall immersive experience. 

Posted on August 9, 2017 .

GGC7: Nintendo w/ Zach Damerval

Goliath's Gamin Corner returns from hiatus! Last time, Goliath tackled the Playstation but for this episode with special guest Zach Damerval, they take a look at Nintendo and what they have done to consistently be one the best gaming companies. They take a in depth look at all the Nintendo classics as well as new IPs and discuss the future of Nintendo's franchises. Games mentioned: Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Splatoon, and the ultimate Nintendo franchise, Super Smash Brothers.

Posted on July 23, 2017 .

GGC6: Playstation Part 2 w/ Justin Monti

Justin Monti returns to talk with our very own Goliath about the current era of Playstation. It's a modern look at Sony and what they have done to create a solid lead in the console wars, and a look at there next steps. It wouldn't be Goliath's Gaming Corner if we didn't talk about games, so expect to hear about The Last of Us, Bioshock, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy 7 and Skyrim!

Posted on June 4, 2017 .

GGC5: Playstation w/ Justin Monti

Goliath's Gaming Corner is back for a look at the early history of the Playstation. David Boulanger and his special guest, Justin Monti, talk about the legacy of the console and some of their favorite game series from the early years - including Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and more!

Playstation Legacy

Posted on May 21, 2017 .

GGC3: Beat 'em Up! Part 1 (w/ Dakota Kygar)

Game combat can make or break any video game, whether it's integral to the narrative or just a fighting game. On this episode, David Boulanger is joined by Roll With It editor Dakota Kygar as they discuss in-game combat in some of their favorite titles. Skyrim, Street Fighter, Tekken and more they talk mechanics, realism and immersion, and tailoring combat to the narrative. Join them in two week's time for a more in-depth look at fighting games.

Posted on April 23, 2017 .