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Behind the Booty: Chapter One


We take a quick peek behind the curtain to find out how and why our cast made their pirates the way they did. From accent work to choosing classes, find out what our players like about their story so far.

Why is Finn McBludgeon Russian?

Has Jacob ever played a rogue?

How universally beloved is Bananas?

These questions and more on this Behind the Booty episode of Cursed Seas!

Welcome to the Cursed Seas

Cursed Seas is a brand new* pathfinder actual play podcast set in a world of high seas pirate-y adventure. Before we embark on our voyage, let's meet some of the crew you'll be sailing the cursed seas with. Ben is a dungeon master of debatable experience and the host of the Infinity Break podcast Roll With It. Bethany will be playing Finn McBludgeon, a fishmonger with fists of steel, Jacob is our half-vampire, disgraced, pirate captain, Captain Shamus Kincade, and Laura is a recently shipwrecked witch known as Luna Shephard. There's adventures ahead for our three heroes(?), but first please indulge us as we spend twenty minutes making jokes about vampires.

*pre-owned podcast; gently used.

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