Welcome to the Cursed Seas

Cursed Seas is a brand new* pathfinder actual play podcast set in a world of high seas pirate-y adventure. Before we embark on our voyage, let's meet some of the crew you'll be sailing the cursed seas with. Ben is a dungeon master of debatable experience and the host of the Infinity Break podcast Roll With It. Bethany will be playing Finn McBludgeon, a fishmonger with fists of steel, Jacob is our half-vampire, disgraced, pirate captain, Captain Shamus Kincade, and Laura is a recently shipwrecked witch known as Luna Shephard. There's adventures ahead for our three heroes(?), but first please indulge us as we spend twenty minutes making jokes about vampires.

*pre-owned podcast; gently used.

Posted on February 2, 2018 and filed under Bonus.