Ep10: The Empty Isle, Chapter Three


With Wilmington behind the them and the open seas ahead of them, the path of a pirate could take our crew anywhere. At the suggestion of new crew member, Shrimpmeat, our crew sails out to an old pirate fortress on Stormcove Island in search of gold to pay their new shipmates and a base of operations from which to plunder. What they find is an island wrecked and ruined by constant rainfall and the crashing of thunder. What secrets are hiding above the clouds?

Cursed Seas - A Roll With It Anthology Podcast is a Pathfinder pirate-themed actual play adventure starring Jacob McCarthy, Bethany Leuthold and Laura. Every episode is produced by Shipmaster Ben Hamlin and edited by Johnny Rinaldo, our logo is by Bethany Leuthold and the theme song is by Andrew Davis.

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