Ep8: Sweet Carolina, Chapter Two

The ship sets sail again, both narratively and meta-narratively. Ben’s computer nearly kicked the bucket, but Speak of the Devil’s own Johnny RInaldo has taken the wheel and is editing the show for now! The Cursed Seas crew can sale again!!


When we last left our players, Luna Shepard, Fiendish “Finn” McBludgeon and Captain Shamus Kincade were attempting to flee out of the Wilmington harbor and away from the massive pirate frigate blocking their way. You can’t outrun a boat full of Steves without some help and luckily for our ‘heroes,’ they’ve recently acquired a crew of strapping and salty boys.

It’s the Cursed Seas! Back on Infinity Break dot net. Every other Saturday!

Posted on February 10, 2019 and filed under Chapter Two.