Ep3: The Stoney Lonesome, Chapter One


Ahoy and Avast, it be time for another episode of the Cursed Seas. The last of our technical difficulties are behind us and a brand new chapter of our adventure is ahead. Moments after escaping their shared prison cell, steel breaker Finn McBludgeon, rogue Captain Kincade and Arcanist Luna Shepherd find themselves challenged with the daunting task of distracting one (1) guard.

A note about our audio this episode. We had some major technical difficulties recording the audio that constitutes the last episode and the first part of this episode. The audio had to be meticulously cut back together or re-recorded entirely in some places. The listener may notice the audio improves significantly in the second half of this week's episode and that's the level of quality it'll stay at! Thank you for your patience. The Cursed Seas will be back in two week's time, this time for realsies.

The Cursed Seas in an improvised, Pathfinder, role-playing game, actual play podcast set in a world of high adventure and unexplored oceans. Cursed Seas is a Roll With It anthology. You can listen to the original Roll With It at infinitybreak.net/rollwithit and the new live streamed version of the show every Thursday at 4PM PST on our Twitch.