Ep2: The Stoney Lonesome, Chapter One

Ahoy and avast mateys! We were gone for a little longer than we thought we would be. We had some technical difficulties recording this one, but it should  be smooth sailing from here on out.


We rejoin Bethany, Jacob and Laura as Finn McBludgeon, Shamus Kincade, and Luna Shepherd as they attempt to escape from the Stoney Lonesome Prison. Unfortunately, they have to fight an old man to the death first.

This is the Cursed Seas - A Roll With It Anthology podcast. Dungeon Master'd by Ben Hamlin and starring Bethany, Laura and Jacob as Finn, Luna, and Shamus. Every episode of the show is produced by Ben Hamlin. The logo is by Bethany Leuthold and the theme song is by Andrew Davis.

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Ep1: The Stoney Lonesome, Chapter One


You've already met our characters. Bethany is playing Finn McBludgeon, a rough and tumble fisher-woman; Jacob is a half-vampire, disgraced pirate captain named Shamus Kincade; and Laura is an arcanist pirate by the name of Luna Shephard. What do these three sailors have in common? Well, they're all stuck in the Stoney Lonesome prison off the coast of North Carolina. Dungeon Master Ben Hamlin guides them through their first mission as the trio try to figure out a way to escape even if that means.. *gulp* working with each other.


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Welcome to the Cursed Seas

Cursed Seas is a brand new* pathfinder actual play podcast set in a world of high seas pirate-y adventure. Before we embark on our voyage, let's meet some of the crew you'll be sailing the cursed seas with. Ben is a dungeon master of debatable experience and the host of the Infinity Break podcast Roll With It. Bethany will be playing Finn McBludgeon, a fishmonger with fists of steel, Jacob is our half-vampire, disgraced, pirate captain, Captain Shamus Kincade, and Laura is a recently shipwrecked witch known as Luna Shephard. There's adventures ahead for our three heroes(?), but first please indulge us as we spend twenty minutes making jokes about vampires.

*pre-owned podcast; gently used.

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