Week Nine: The God of Hungry Walls - Part 1

CoT Redo.jpg

Our runners, trapped in the mansion, quickly begin to realize the nature of this building. They need to find the other team, and make their escape, as the danger closes in around them.

City of Thorns is an infinity Break production.
City of Thorns is
Terra Bosart as GM
Erik Stone as Gheist
Hekate Nichols as ALISS/Aurora
and Johnny Rinaldo as Tytus Kovlovsky.
City of Thorns is recorded on location in Tír Tangrire, otherwise know as Portland, OR, former USA.
Background music for the podcast version is Terra Bosart and Johnny Rinaldo
Character art, Logo, and other visual design elements are Terra Bosart

Posted on August 9, 2019 and filed under Game Session.