Week One: “An Unpleasant Surprise”

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Our runners have awoken to a brand new day in the Tossed Stump Tavern, expecting it to be pretty chill. Unfortunately, a razor gang from Rhonda’s past has other plans. Lock and load, as the adventure begins!

City of Thorns is an infinity Break production.
City of Thorns is
Terra Bosart as GM
Erik Stone as Gheist
Hekate Nichols as ALISS/Aurora
and Johnny Rinaldo as Tytus Kovlovsky.
City of Thorns is recorded on location in Tír Tangrire, otherwise know as Portland, OR, former USA.
Background music for the podcast version is Terra Bosart and Johnny Rinaldo
Character art, Logo, and other visual design elements are Terra Bosart

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Posted on June 14, 2019 and filed under Game Session.

City of Thorns: Character Introduction


City of Thorns starts this Monday - June 10th! But before you dive head first into Terra Bosart's future, fantasy dystopia of Portland, Oregon, you should meet our characters! ALISS is played by Hekate Lunasri; Tytus is played by Johnny Rinaldo and Gheist is played by Erik Stone.

Meet Tytus, a loveable scamp with too many guns, two metal arms, and a whole lotta trauma. How does he see the world through his cyber vision? Come learn of his egocentric shenanigans on City Of Thorns! Meet ALISS Aurora, a consummate professional with a holographic interface, emitted from the slim mute frame of an elf, with a whole lotta charisma! What drives a professional to run in the shadows? Find out why in City Of Thorns! Meet Gheist, a quiet man of mystery with a cyber deck, a spell book, and a whole lot of murder. Which megacorp does he have his heart upon destroying? Discover what sandwiches he’ll eat on City Of Thorns!