City Of Thorns - A Shadowrun Campaign

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Meet Our Players..


Terra Bosart

The Game Mistress

Terra Bosart is the writer, illustrator, and game-mistress for City of Thorns. A huge fan of the Shadowrun world, began working on the homebrew ruleset & story to bring the 6th world she loves to the masses. Having always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy, the Shadowrun world was a natural fit, where magic and technology entwine. Never quite finding any game sessions over the years, Terra rolled for initiative, and took the plunge into running the kind of game she always wanted to play in. City of Thorns is a cyberpunk dystopian love letter to the city which raised her, and the game world which inspired her hobbies since its inception.


Johnny Rinaldo

Tytus Kovlovsky
Dark Elf Gunslinger

My name is Johnny Rinaldo, I'm the writer and dungeon master for Speak of the Devil and Myriil Valtris on Legends of Laía. I hosted a queer board game night in Portland for several years, but my first tabletop RPG was a Pathfinder campaign that only began about three years ago. I fell in love with tabletop RPGs and got into a 5e campaign before Dungeon Mastering my own. Speak of the Devil is my first self-written campaign.


Hekate Nichols

ALISS Aurora
Face Elf

Hekate V. Nichols is a gender-fluid anarchist, creator, and web engineer with a knack for throttling a story out of any given circumstance. She spends her life knicking up her hands with the keen edged pieces of a shattered dream and contemplating glueing them back together as some sort of resplendently morbid cacophony of thought. She also likes ice-cream.


Erik Stone

Human Decker

Hello, my name is Erik and I'm a giant nerd. I've been playing games like Magic the Gathering, D&D (A.D&D., Yep that old.), video games, board games and reading almost all the comics and sci-fi novels I can get my hands on. I do admit that I am a giant nerd and I'm ok with that now. I love playing with this team and working on my writing, writing music, writing D&D story lines (setting up a story for a post campaign) and various other creative outlets. I can't wait to share some of my favorite creations with the world, keep an eye out for me!


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