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The Westport Saga

Citizens of Westport! Mark your calendars and prepare for the coming of a brand-new podcast from Infinity break! Introducing: "The Westport Saga," a thrilling narrative comic book podcast that tells the tales of fearless superheroes, conniving villains, and all the denizens of Westport in between.
Posted on March 14, 2016 and filed under Comedy Sketch.

The Corvallis Files: "The Bike Theft"

The tiny college town of Corvallis definitely has its share of mystery, and only the wannabe detectives Miles Clarkson and Alex Hawkes can crack the tough cases they're faced with. But what happens when a friend's bicycle goes missing?

Hey Infinity Break fans, it's the start of a brand new series of videos from our acting trouble. On the cold streets of Corvallis, only two students have the answers.

Posted on February 1, 2016 and filed under Comedy Sketch, cf.

Uncle Eli's Rodeo of Fire - Episode One

From the IBTV broadcasting station comes the hot new game show that's sweeping the nation: "Uncle Eli's Rodeo of Fire!" This, however is no ordinary game show, but rather a dazzling spectacle that pairs the most mundane of tasks with life-threatening dangers!

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