One Year Anniversary

"It certainly doesn't feel like it's been a whole year. Looking back, I honestly didn't think we would come this far or have as many viewers as we do now. I can't tell you how excited Ben and I got when we had our first comment, or our first subscriber. We still get excited and I can't wait for another year of Arcane. It's so fun getting to redesign and rethink these fantasy and mythological creatures. My favorite part of Arcane, though, is drawing an Asian elf. I love fantasy webcomics, but I was always disappointed that I never saw any Asian elves unless they were short and wore red and green. And each time Ben and I talk about upcoming characters, I get so excited to draw these unique and diverse people. Prepare to be blown away this year!" - Bethany Leuthold, Artist

"Somewhere around fourteen months ago I contacted Bethany with an idea for a webcomic. Just an odd little urban fantasy idea. I wasn't even sure how far it'd pan out. Bethany jumped on the idea and we started collaborating on Arcane - trading concept art and character descriptions. A few weeks later I received two covers of Ivy and Rasputin, the first look at some of the characters whose stories I hadn't fully written yet. Twelve months ago, we posted our first page of Arcane. Today, Arcane celebrates its first year of publication. At this point, we've got some 13,300 views on our comic, possibly more. I know Bethany and I still message each other when we get a new subscribers and comments. It thrills us to be able to create this for all of you. We absolutely love getting to work on this and I know there's no person I'd rather work on this with than Bethany. We're still very new to this despite being at it for a year. I know one thing for sure though, we're just getting started." - Ben Hamlin, Writer.


About The Comic:

Arcane is a fantasy comic about an oppressive government that has banned sorcery. Not all agree with this rule and a revolution is stirring among the magical. Written by Ben Hamlin and Art by Bethany Leuthold. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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